Greater reliability for happier customers

Ear wax protects our ears but it also poses the single biggest challenge for all manufacturers of custom hearing aids. The receiver of the in-the-ear devices can become clogged and stop working properly.

Protecting the receiver from the disruptive effects of ear wax is a top priority for us at Signia. That is why we use the industry-leading HF4 Pro wax guard filter in our Custom Range of Insio primax™ models. This attention to detail ensures that the custom-made hearing aids operate as reliably as possible.

Details make the difference

The benefits of the HF4 Pro wax guard filter are two-fold. Firstly, the time between changing filters is doubled. And secondly, receiver-related repairs are reduced significantly. This double-whammy of benefits leads to significantly happier customers compared to wearers of hearing aids with inferior filters.


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