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EuroTrak 2018 Results : Hearing Aid Satisfaction

EuroTrak 2018 research revealed that 76% of hearing aid owners in Germany and 82% in France said that their devices worked better than they expected and that they are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal when manufacturing and selling hearing aids, so their positive experiences are good news for providers.

Among hard of hearing people, a great number of wearers are pleased with their hearing aids and feel satisfied overall. However, just under a quarter of respondents are unhappy with their experiences. EuroTrak 2018 has surveyed and compared both groups. Here’s what we gathered from the EuroTrak 2018 surveys in France and Germany, Europe’s two largest hearing aid markets.

About EuroTrak: Started in 2009 by the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA), the EuroTrak survey analyzes information from thousands of people with hearing loss in several European countries. A large number of these participants also have hearing aids, and their answers to the questionnaire give us a look into the views of hearing aid wearers.

Hearing Aid Satisfaction

Wearer satisfaction has remained steady, with 76% (Germany) and 82% (France) of those with hearing aids being satisfied with their experience.

97% of respondents said that being fitted helped them in one way or another. 56% (Germany) and 60% (France) of wearers said that their sense of safety was improved by their hearing aids, and that their social life and ability to communicate were improved as well. Hearing aid wearers also reported improved self-confidence, a greater sense of independence, and a healthier mental/emotional state.

Very few participants reported the opposite, with less than 10% saying that their lives worsened after being fitted with hearing aids. However, most participants reported that their hearing aid improved their lives.

As predicted, wearers with newer hearing aids were more satisfied than those fitted with older models. It was also shown that the longer a wearer uses their hearing aid per day, the happier they are with their experience.

Hearing Aid Benefits

With features like wireless connectivity and direct streaming on the rise, hearing aids are bringing more to the table than ever before. Additional features like remote control and Bluetooth offer added benefits to wearers, and these developments have created new opportunities for hard-of-hearing people to enjoy the world around them. However, these features aren’t the only benefits hearing aid wearers experience.

According to the EuroTrak 2018 study, those fitted with hearing aids experienced better sleep than those who didn’t. In the German portion of the survey, 65% of respondents reported enjoyable sleep, compared to only 43% of non-users. This difference of over 20% shows a huge gap between the two groups.

Hearing aid users also benefited from better mental health, with fewer of this group being at risk of depression. Overall, they felt less physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day, as they didn’t have to stay on-alert to compensate for their hearing loss. This data implies that hearing aid wearers enjoy a better quality of life than their non-fitted peers.

The Advantages of Binaural Fitting

A clear majority of those in need of hearing aids have bilateral hearing loss and therefore benefit from the advantages of a binaural fitting. The ultra HD e2e binaural link included in the Signia Nx platform delivers not only a crystal-clear soundscape and better speech understanding in noise. It also enables Signia’s revolutionary Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural-sounding own voice.

By scanning the wearer’s voice path, OVP identifies their voice and processes it separately. Then, their voice is presented to them in a more natural sounding way. This raises wearer satisfaction regarding the sound of their voice and leads to better acceptance rates. Our own voice is one of the most common things we hear, so making sure it sounds pleasing is an important part of developing hearing technology. Signia understands the importance of wearer acceptance, and this unique software makes the Signia Nx platform best-in-class.

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