New TeleCare delivers total transparency for trial success

With the new TeleCare from Signia, you can benchmark your trial success rate to optimize your business.

From your computer or smart device to your customer’s smartphone: A business changer, TeleCare 2.2 from Signia keeps you in direct contact with your customers and enables advanced remote fine tuning with a four-band equalizer for the best possible conversion success during trials.

And now you can even compare your trial success rate to the market average and between branches of a chain to help you optimize the trial process.

Stronger business performance – with smart process insights.

Make full use of your potential and enhance your business. TeleCare 2.2 delivers total transparency of your business’ trial success.

  • Measures drop-out rate and how many trials result in sales
  • Shows whether your clients’ overall satisfaction levels are making positive progress
  • Enables mutual support among branches for increased business success

TeleCare 2.2, the industry’s leading remote hearing care, works with all primax star hearing aids.

Start boosting your business now: Register for TeleCare 2.2 today at telecare.signia-pro.com