primax star for all

Today’s patients demand products that clearly fit their hearing needs as well as their financial situation. By introducing the performance levels 2px and 1px in a broad range of hearing aid models, Signia is making the proven benefits of our primax star platform available to more hearing aid wearers than ever before.

To deliver a superior listening experience even at the Essential level, all primax star hearing aids offer:

Let more patients benefit from our supreme hearing technology.

Now you can offer everyone a full range of hearing aids with advanced sound technology for higher customer satisfaction, remote control capabilities for more discretion, and TeleCare for smoother trials. And the introduction of Silk 2px and 1px as well as Cellion 3px and 2px offers unprecedented options in terms of rechargeability and instant-fit ITEs.

No one else gives you primax quality performance and advanced remote fine tuning for BTE, RIC and ITE hearing aids at every level.