Signia Styletto: Combining Style and Performance


By combining stylish design and high-tech performance, the new Styletto hearing aids give new meaning to the term ‘hearwear’. With portable Li-ion rechargeability and crystal-clear sound quality, Styletto is so much more than just an accessory.

Performance: the Core of Good Design

While a stylish appearance can set a hearing aid apart, its functionality is just as important. Without high-tech performance to make it a worthwhile tool, a hearing aid misses its purpose. For this reason, many hearing aids have foregone beauty in favour of practicality.

With cutting-edge audiological technology, Signia has combined both exceptional style and highest performance. Styletto provides a unique aesthetic appeal with convenient handling and the most natural hearing experience. For those with hearing loss, Styletto offers the freedom of self-expression without forfeiting their ability to hear clearly. A sleek design is not the only advantage Styletto offers its wearers.

Combining Style and Convenience

Convenient handling is about more than just size and usability. For those who work long hours, take frequent trips, or just want to avoid the hassle of battery replacement, a lengthy battery life is necessary.

All Styletto hearing aids are equipped with a powerful battery that offers a full day use. While most modern models use the traditional round batteries to stay charged, Styletto features a pin-shaped battery. The battery’s size and shape allows for a sleeker, slimmer design.

No Wall Sockets? No Problem

To ensure convenient handling, the Styletto charging case provides 4 days[1] of user autonomy, free from plugs or cables. The special Li-ion case offers three separate portable charges on the go before it needs to be recharged itself. This makes it one of the most efficient charging options available to hearing aid wearers.

Travelers can go where they please. Whether they’re travelling for business to New York or taking a well-deserved vacation in Paris, Styletto’s long-lasting battery and charging case mean easy, stress-free travel wherever they go.

Many hard-of-hearing people find hearing aids unappealing, uncomfortable, or just incompatible with their lifestyle. Styletto transforms that conventional image of hearing aids.

The ability to hear isn’t the only thing that matters, and Signia understands that. Hearing aids are an investment, and it should be one that buyers are happy with. For that reason, Signia has designed something worth wearing. With a sleek new look and a number of useful features, Styletto is the most beautiful hearing aid yet.

In terms of performance, it works on the acclaimed Signia Nx platform. This means wearers get the same clear sound as with Signia’s previous models, but with the exceptional design of Styletto.

One feature included in Styletto is OVPTM (Own Voice Processing) technology. Many users don’t like the way their voice sounds through their hearing aids. Signia tackled this issue by developing OVP technology for the most natural sounding own voice available.

And Styletto not only improves the sound of the wearer’s voice, it provides better understanding of others. These hearing aids come equipped with some of the best speech processing technology available. This allows users to parse through outside noise to better comprehend their conversation partners.

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[1] Based on 16 hours wearing time per day