Enhance your workflow with the new ConnexxAir

The new ConnexxAir system gives you all the convenience of wireless in partnership with our updated Connexx 8.3 fitting software.

ConnexxAir delivers next level wireless programming for almost all Signia hearing aids equipped with e2e wireless capabilities. One charge of the handy cube device is enough for 10 fitting sessions and when you place it in its charging cradle, it recharges fully in just two hours. The rechargeable battery can be changed easily with a slider at the back.

A simple indicator using three LED lights lets you know the device status and remaining battery power. We have also updated the USB Bluetooth dongle, which can now be exchanged.

Connexx 8.3 updates

ConnexxAir is easy to use thanks to its upgraded interface to Connexx 8.3 – your digital hub for all Signia hearing aids. Several updates make it easier than ever before to find the best hearing solution for your patients.

You can optimize results in FirstFit by using personal hearing profiles, generated based on a questionnaire and a tone test that assess the patient’s cognitive functions and preferences.

You can apply recommended changes to hearing aid settings with a simple mouse click by using SmartOptimizer, which analyzes program usage and volume levels in different acoustic environments.

And you can recommend optimal performance levels to your customers by using Performance Guide in the Personalization section, which analyzes the situational data logged by the hearing aids and the patient’s personal preferences such as listening to music or going to restaurants and social events.