TeleCare update offers great benefits for Professionals and consumers

Signia TeleCare video option helps Hearing Care Professionals set a new standard of care.

Video option launched in five key markets, with more countries to follow*

Thanks to our latest update in TeleCare and the myHearing App, Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) can now communicate with their clients not just via text and voice call but also via video calls. The new video chat functionality brings HCPs closer to hearing aid wearers during the crucial phase of trying out a new set of hearing aids.

This innovation marks the industry’s first use of video remote hearing care for the fitting of hearing aids. As Hearing care Professional you can now schedule a video appointment and then call the wearer on his or her smartphone or smart device at the arranged time.

The new video CareChat option strengthens your personal relationship with the wearer and makes it easier to solve issues quickly without the need for the customer to come in for an appointment.

TeleCare delivers transparency for success

The latest version of TeleCare also delivers an objective measure to evaluate sales conversions during the trial process. TeleCare measures how many hearing aid trials result in sales, shows the number of sales for different kinds of Signia hearing aids, and shows whether clients’ overall satisfaction levels are making positive progress. Professionals can also compare their conversion success rate to the market average and between branches of a chain to help optimize the trial process.

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* The video option is being piloted in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States ahead of a wider roll-out in Fall 2017.