World's first High Definition binaural and direct streaming

The new Pure 13 BT is the world’s first hearing aid to enhance its audiological performance with Bluetooth technology, giving wearers the best of both worlds.

The new Pure 13 BT primax made for iPhone is the world’s first hearing aid to go beyond the advantages of direct streaming to also improve the overall hearing experience with its Bluetooth technology. Pure 13 BT and its accompanying myControl App revolutionize precise hearing while on the move, whether you’re walking, jogging or traveling by car. They deliver the best of both worlds: High Definition binaural hearing and direct streaming. So the days of having to choose between the best hearing in busy everyday situations and the best connection to other everyday devices are well and truly over.

Motion sensors make the difference

Pure 13 BT provides the optimal listening experience by using data from smartphone motion sensors to automatically adjust the hearing aid to different situations. For example, when the wearer is walking in a noisy environment, the myControl App makes the hearing aid focus not just on the speech of a conversation partner but also provide access to unobtrusive ambient sounds for increased safety. When the wearer is traveling in a vehicle, the hearing aids switch into car mode immediately to suppress noise and focus on what’s important.

In addition to this revolutionary use of iPhone motion sensors, Pure 13 BT offers further big advantages:

Sound exposure: The hearing aids help wearers to look after their hearing health. Similar to a fitness tracker, they create a personal sound profile over time based on noise exposure so you can help your patients to protect their hearing from deteriorating further.

Music: Wearers can listen to their favorite music streamed directly into their hearing aids for an outstanding sound experience.

Phone calls: Wearers can stream phone calls directly from their iPhone to their hearing aids for complete convenience.

Television: Wearers can enjoy the original high-quality sound of their favorite film or TV program fed directly into the hearing aids with the StreamLine TV accessory, while adjusting the volume conveniently with the myControl App.

And like all primax star hearing aids, Pure 13 BT helps to tune out tinnitus with its unique built-in tinnitus therapies from Signia.

Look out for more information about the new myControl App and the new StreamLine TV coming soon.